Google and the allo and duo

With the roll out of Google Duo, the question remains of how adoptable the application will be. Allo is still not available, but with duo being out I am sure it is just about come out as well. 


Duo is a simple video chat, much like Apple's FaceTime in that it works with your smartphones phone number. While FaceTime also uses email to register the user it remains to be seen if Google will integrate Gmail accounts as well.

With out diving deeper on how duo and allo work the question remains how will Google push these applications onto users? They are in a great position since the applications will work across iOS and Android. Only if they advertise it correctly and not throw in some rock paper scissors commercial depicting nothing about android. The same can be said about their nexus smartphone line up. Google just kind of releases it into the world and hopes for it to work.


I think these apps are great and what android needed to be on foot with imessage. Now it's up to them to advertise it in a way to show off the benefit of using it on iOS and the many versions of androids smartphones that are in the wild.